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Frequently asked questions

How Much Will It Cost to Hire Acorn?

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How long will this project take?

In as little as 10 days, we'll have you up and running on Shopify POS & Ecommerce.

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What kind / types of data can you migrate?

We can migrate your:
- Products
- Gift Cards
- Customer Data
- Loyalty Points
- Vendors
- Purchase Orders
- Work Orders
- Transaction History

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Russell M.Serenity Knives

"The team at Acorn did an absolutely terrific job on a full data and inventory migration from Lightspeed.

They had a very tight deadline and they designed built and populated it all."

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Liam S.BC Hobbies

Project: Data Migration & Site Design

"We partnered with Acorn to create a professional, unified digital front and ecommerce website.

We had such a positive experience that we also hired them again to manage our digital marketing channels."

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Laurie B.Merge Curated Goods

"We have been very pleased working with Acorn. They helped make the switch from Wix to Shopify and built a new website for us.

They made sure everything would run smoothly for us prior to launching and were a constant support."

Megan P.Ocean Sports

"We are so happy with the data migration from Lightspeed to Shopify that Acorn did for us.

We are thrilled with the results and would definitely recommend them to assist with any data migration needs."